Mom Tip Tuesday: What you Need in your First Aid Kit

Do you know what do to if you’re little one is injured at home? Falls, cuts, scrapes, bruises, or the occasional “What did you put in your mouth”. Aside from knowing what deserves an urgent care visit vs. an emergency room visit here are some items you need to have in the home when little ones are present. It is always better to be over-prepared than under when it comes to emergent situations. 

Recently my middle minion was jumping on the couch and flipped right over hitting the floor and busting her lip. There was blood everywhere and she was so upset and in pain from her lip. I quickly went over and checked her mouth making sure her teeth were still secure, and rinsed the site with water to find where the bleeding was coming from. After that, I used a frozen water bottle from my freezer wrapped in a dishcloth to help with swelling. 

Keep a couple water bottles in your freezer

With no fancy items no huge lists are you prepared right now? Sometimes my nurse brain goes out the window for my kids, but I have a couple things that I keep in my house for those quick use. This short list will show you what you need in your first aid kit.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a first aid kit with ice packs and bandages, here’s what I use in my home before we go to the hospital or treat at home. 

This kit is great for the car or even your diaper bag

Home kit:

  1. Frozen water bottles- these are great compresses for bumps or bruises, wrap in a towel to put around extremities. 
  2. Popsicles- for busted lips, the kids love a cool ice pop. Pro tip: Use any color but red in case there is a lot of bleeding. 
  3. Fun bandages- sometimes fun band-aids “heal” wounds quicker than traditional medicine.
  4. Motrin- swelling, pain, teething, fever(my favorite for fever)
  5. Tylenol- pain, fever
  6. Dry rice in a ziplock- used as a heating pack wrapped in a towel 
  7. Tweezers– for removing stingers and other small items
  8. Scissors
  9. Antibiotic ointment- for those cuts and scrapes
  10. Benadryl- great to use for allergic reactions and bug bites(comes in a cream)
  11. Hydrocortisone cream– great for eczema or irritated skin
  12. Nitrile Gloves
  13. Alcohol wipes
  14. Calamine lotion- reliving itching and irritation
  15. Thermometer
  16. Adhesive bandage tape
  17. Gauze
  18. Chap stick
  19. Safety pins- to use when attaching a splint
  20. Dawn soap

What’s in my purse:

  • Tweezers
  • Antibiotic cream
  • Band-aids
  • Nail clippers
  • Spray hand sanitizer
Look at all the pockets. This also works for diabetes supplies

Most of these items are already in your home but making sure that they are already put together and ready to go can save you time and stress when there is an emergency at home. Be sure to store these items out of reach, and keep up to date on expiration dates. Make sure the adults/responsible parties’ know where and how to use the kit.

As an allergy mom, I use this Epi-pen holder to house my little ones’ inhalers and pens. I chose this one because of the ability to attach the prescription on the back of the kit, handle for carrying, and nifty pockets. Consider keeping an updated record of each family members’ health history in a safe place.

In addition to knowing 911, your pediatricians’ office, another number to save in your phone is:

Poison Control 1-800-222-1222

Check out First Aid and CPR classes in your area to familiarize yourself with how to quickly act to help yourself and others. Be sure to update your medication dosages with your provider and always check with your provider for any questions.

Most of these items are already in your home but making sure that they are already put together and ready to go can save you time and stress when there is an emergency at home. Did any of these first aid kit essentials surprise you? What is your essential for yours?

A good pair of scissors are essential

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