Five Essential Jewelry Pieces

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As the weather cools down your jewelry doesn’t have to. I’m a huge fan of sentimental pieces and love when my daily essentials are good quality, sustainable, and hold special meaning. Bonus points if they can be worn every day, because who has time to pick out different jewelry all the time.

 If you’re looking for essential jewelry for daily wear that you need to have in your rotation keep reading. 

Statement Ring

A statement ring such as a stacked set, cocktail, gemstone, or textured band can bring the right amount of glam to any outfit. My favorite ring from AUrate came from the Kerry Washington collection and is an absolute favorite of mine. This one is my absolute favorite dainty ring to wear alone or stacked with a gold band. The simple design adds a polished feel to many outfits from yoga pants at drop-off to evening wear during date night.

All my favorite rings

Diamonds and Pearls

For an everyday classic look, 4mm pearl studs are perfect. Traditionally pearls are for daytime wear and diamonds for evenings. Think of your pearls for those occasions that are more traditional or require a preppy aesthetic.
On the other hand, diamonds are that best friend that adds sophisticated glitter with that relaxed flare. When choosing your diamond studs, opt for a more wallet-friendly and sustainable option such as Moissanite or lab-grown diamonds. Brilliant and Emerald cuts in 0.5ct to 2ct are great options for day-to-day wear.


Gold Hoops
Stud earrings won’t get pulled as easily by the little ones however a pair of gold hoops in any size are a classic that you will wear at any stage in life. I’ve had these vintage gold earrings for over twenty years and they add the right amount of glow to any outfit. I also think about my parents every time I wear them.


Two timeless options are simple pendant or a single-strand pearl necklaces. Depending on your style, switch out with a diamond tennis necklace. Your pearl necklace will be perfect for nice dinners, work-from-home Zoom calls, and any event you need to look professional. Many have dubbed the pearls the classic “old money aesthetic”, however, it is simply a staple piece. My favorite pendant necklace is my Elsa Peretti Bean necklace. It symbolizes new beginnings and is a part of my everyday wear; I tell more about the necklace in this video. When considering gold necklaces its completely fine to shop preloved or grab a custom piece from your local jeweler. You can find great quality and even better prices.

Signature Bracelet

When we first moved to Texas my daughter and I got matching gold forever bracelets but I also accompany it with a simple gold bracelet courtesy of Costco. Did you know that you can find many solid pieces at Costco from diamonds to luxury watches?

Bonus Piece

If you opt out of a bracelet many watches have bands that can double as a bracelet due to the beautiful design. My current watch is a Citizen Eco-Drive from my mother that works for literally any outfit as it is gold and silver. Mixed metal watches are great to match various ensembles and have the ability to be dressed up or down. What is your favorite essential jewelry for daily wear? Read here for more outfit ideas.

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