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Hi everyone, thank you for coming to my blog. When I started this I wasn’t sure exactly where to start. How do you open a window into your world without sounding pretentious? However, I’m hoping through this blog you can see that we all have a bit in common.

I’ve always loved to read and write. I remember back when I was in elementary school reading so many books for that small pan pizza from Pizza Hut and pretending I was an accomplished writer filling up journal after journal well into my high school years. Times sure did change as I ended up going to school for something completely different; political science. After many twists in turns in my early 20’s, my heart came back to my true passion, nursing. Fast forward after marrying my other half shortly after graduating with my bachelor’s in nursing we found out we were expecting our firstborn Sebastian.

Did I mention my husband is in the army? That’s a whole other crazy world in itself, to which I find blogging very therapeutic I hope you do as well. So while moving and through deployments, we realized we were expecting our second child Alexandria born in the fall of 2019. I was finally adjusting to married life in the Army with a child to now becoming a mother of two away from family. My second pregnancy wasn’t as glamorous as my first; I dealt with a severe hernia, diastasis recti, military move, and being in a new space with minimal support. I came to a pivotal point in my life where I needed to find my center again. As mothers and wives, I think its too easy to get wrapped up in everyone else and forget who we were before we became engrossed in someone else.

I had to realize that I did matter as an educated person outside of two little ones, a dog, and a wonderful man. Through my journey back into running and my other hobbies, I’ve come to start loving me again. When you feel good on the inside its much easier to have that glow on the outside as well. I hope we can achieve that together.

Through this blog and my youtube (carbsncabernet), I hope to empower and help guide you just as I would my friend. I believe there is more that connects us than separates us and I’m glad you all get to join this crazy ride with me. In this blog, you’ll see different places we travel to, day to day activities, and some reflections I have as a mother of two. I look forward to connecting with you all, and until next time may your wine be stronger than your kids.
-Nicole <3

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