Morning Rooftop Yoga at Hotel PDN

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Today was my first time doing rooftop yoga with the Desert Spirit Spa at Hotel Paso Del Norte, and this definitely won’t be my last. I recommend utilizing the valet parking in front of the hotel if you’re running late or simply want to treat yourself. Go up to the 10th floor, hang a right, stroll past the beautiful Hotel PDN pool, and join in on some yoga. The instructors James and Robin were exceptionally professional and engaging throughout the entire hour of class. 

I noticed multiple colored bowls at the front of the class emitting various tonal sounds when tapped. I actually thought I felt the sounds more than hearing them as they ranged from super high to low pitches. It was later explained by Robin, that sounds from the meditation bowls are used to stimulate various chakras. She also explained how the different sounds might make us feel “so

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mething”. I’m glad she mentioned that because some tones made me feel super energized and the others almost put me to sleep towards the end of the class because I was so relaxed

I’m not a Yogi by any stretch of the imagination however when I say we got a workout…we did! James did the warmup for the class, leading us through multiple sun salutations and even a moon salutation as there was a full moon the night before. Full disclosure Winefam, if you’re the self-conscious type this was a safe place; I have an old shoulder injury that limits me from doing certain upper body workouts, and at no time did the instructors make me feel like I didn’t belong in the class or call me out for modifying the movements. 

It was encouraged to be comfortable, which is super important when you have people of varying levels in one class just getting some exercise. 

a glass of champagne over yoga mat
This yoga mat is so comfy

Towards the end of the class, we had the option of a hot stone during our mediation. This all was followed by enjoying an ice-cold glass of champagne, which was my favorite part. It was a great group of fellow yoga lovers. After the week I’ve had running around from ceremonies, and school events this mama needed a break.

I might add rooftop yoga to my weekly workout routine this was a wonderful experience at the Desert Spa at Hotel Paso Del Norte. This was a pleasant luxury experience right in downtown El Paso that you need to experience at least once. 

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