What’s Ciabatta With You? Quick Brunch Idea in 20 Minutes or Less!

Hey Winefam!!!

You said you needed something quick for brunch this weekend? Say less I got you guys!


Here’s what you need:
✨Ciabatta loaf
✨Black truffle olive oil
✨ Parsley
✨Preferred seasonings

Here’s what we do
Preheat oven to 400F
Cut the loaf in half
Drizzle with olive oil

In a skillet scramble your eggs until they are “barely” cooked season to your liking.

Spread the eggs on your loaf
Shred the ham and put on the loaf as well
Sprinkle some cheese

Yeet into the oven and set a timer for 10 min

After 10 minutes broil for 2 minutes

Take out the oven and drizzle some more olive oil garnish with parsley.

Serve hot 🫶🏽

Tag me when you try this and tag a friend who would love to enjoy this at the next brunch!

Hoping your wine or your coffee is stronger than your kids


Amber 🍷☕️

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