Things You Need to Know Before you Repair your Louis Vuitton Item

So, you love to shop preloved like I do, but your item needs fixing up? This short article and video below will help answer all questions you have about Louis Vuitton repair. In my video, I show how my thirty year old item looks brand new after taking its trip to France for repair. My reasoning for using LV for the repair instead of a third party was related to resale value, continued support from LV, assurance the product was being repaired with Louis Vuitton materials, nostalgia, and no one knows their product better than the designer. Be mindful that Louis Vuitton doesn’t repair canvas but hardware and leather pieces can be repaired; some even in the store. If this interests you keep reading and this will tell you all you need to know about the repair process. If you want more detail check my video on YouTube out and don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on my instagram.

Prices may vary:

When I restored my Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 I received a quote of $1200 that was later adjusted to $970 by the time I picked up the bag. Also, keep in mind that with price increases repairs will go up in price as well so it wouldn’t be uncommon for someone to have paid more or less than a price you hear. This information is for you to get a ballpark of cost. 

Can you believe this bag is 30 years old?

Be prepared to wait:

In general, when you go and sign your contract for service they say it takes about three months to repair my item but due to COVID, I had to wait longer for the store to even open back up. You do have the option to have your item mailed to you but honestly, I wanted the experience of the store and I also wanted to see the product before I paid for it. 

He doesn’t really care for pictures

The element of surprise:

When you finally get that call (there will be three) about your repair make sure it is up to standard. When I received my item back there were some scuff marks on the bag that luckily the SA(sales associate) immediately rectified and I left the store pleased. However, if I would’ve had the bag shipped to me I can see the issue taking longer to be resolved. Be sure to speak up you should be happy with your product and a little kindness will have everyone in a more positive space. Another thing is there is nothing like seeing that brand new item first hand after waiting so long. Naturally, my duffle bag looked brand new compared to how it was when I first received the duffle preloved. The Keepall 50 Bandouliere was purchased via Facebook group, and surprisingly was in worse condition than described. I tell more about this on my Youtube.  

Just say no:

Of course, while you’re in the store it is imperative to try on some new pieces when you’re there. Ok, maybe not necessary but why waste a trip to the store if you won’t try on the new items. Just remember to say no…..that day. You can always come back later on. When we went to the store my kids actually behaved which was very refreshing. The staff at my local store are always so great with my little ones though. I recommend if they are mobile like mine to keep them in the stroller because you want to try to enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Comparing the LV Speedy 25 to my Speedy 30 what do you think?

I hope this answered all of your questions if you want more perspective check out my YouTube channel linked here and be sure to subscribe and use for your reference. Let me know any questions that you have! Have a wonderful day and I hope your wine is stronger than your kids. 

Check out video here xoxo

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  1. That is so great you were able to get your bag repaired! It sounds like you’ll get to enjoy it again for many years to come!

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