Socially distant daytrip To Charleston

So we decided the night before that we would meet one of my husbands’ friends for an outdoor dinner in Charleston. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t nervous about the whole thing due to the fact kids and I really haven’t been out in public since March. The idea of having my three year old wear his Batman mask in public seemed like a daunting task as well as I’d seen many parents complain about their children wearing a mask. How will I get him to wear his mask? I set the example and he loves to follow what we do, he sees himself as a superhero “good guy” when he wears his so that wasn’t too much of a fight. Anywho…we packed lunches the night before with some other snacks and woke up the next morning determined to get down to the coast.

Of course, mornings don’t work out how you dream them, I’ve struggled with body image since having my children so I will admit It took me a long time to find an outfit that I wanted to wear and feel comfortable in, but after a few hours of deliberation an outfit was picked and we were out the house. The drive took almost two hours and was pretty uneventful even for South Carolina. Usually, someone will cut you off or tailgate you at some point it’s never a dull moment. Finally, we made it to our first stop; the Angel Oak Tree on Johns Island, SC. Now when you’re first driving there yes its the middle of nowhere and a bit eerie driving past the old church down the dirt road. It seemed like forever until we saw other cars parked on the side the road and then boom there is the tree. We got the kiddos cleaned up and had a quick snack before donning our masks to head in the exhibit. Surprisingly it wasn’t too hard to socially distance there as it was outdoors and masks were mandatory.

Guys this tree is HUGE almost 70 feet tall and the branches spread out over the entire plot. We had a ghostly encounter as well. My three year old pointed to one of the branches and kept repeating that there was a man up there that was hurt. Of course, I didn’t see anything up in the branches, but when we came back to the car I did a little more research and saw that the tree was called the angel tree because slaves were hung, people lost their lives there, and also Native Americans buried their loved ones nearby. This Angel Tree is rumored to be the oldest tree east of the Mississippi at 400 years old. It was a bit of a sobering moment because I only thought of the beauty of the tree but to imagine that bodies hung from those huge limbs put a knot in my stomach. The plaque at the base of the tree didn’t even mention it but thank God for #Google. This just shows how a little perspective can change so much and I’m pretty sure my son has a gift. I do believe kids can see things that we can’t and I wish I knew what he saw especially since he said the man was hurt.

When we finally got into downtown Charleston I was on the hunt for the Tory Burch store to try on the Kira Chevron bag #spoileralert I had my location wrong it’s at the outlet not on King Street, so FYI don’t make the same mistake I did. Anyway, we walked about checking out the beautiful historic homes, the port, King Street, City Market, Savannah’s Candy Kitchen of Charleston (great ice cream), Mother Emanuel AME Church, and then back to the parking garage we went. I noticed from the last time I visited the City Market there weren’t as many shops open. I can happily say it was crowded with customers but we chose to get ice cream nearby and not tackle the crowd this time to continue to social distance.

So FYI near King Street there were two huge parking garages to use, parking wasn’t expensive about $12 for the whole day, and you can leave your ticket in the car until you come back. I will advise don’t use the elevator. We almost got stuck and when we came out the worker said they never got in them because that happens often. For mothers that are nursing, I noticed Charleston is very breastfeeding friendly. I actually stopped into the Days Inn near the parking lot to feed in the lobby before, and there was no issue. Traveling out to Mt.Pleasant we traveled over the Authur Ravenel bridge, and “fun fact” people actually run the bridge, this is something I would like to attempt someday with the kiddos.
If you’re looking for a nice spot to eat in the outskirts of the city, Mt. Pleasant is another upscale area nearby with consignment shops and eateries galore. We chose to do outdoor seating at Tavern and Table right on the waterfront, and even though the restaurant was crowded no one was close to us. I ended up having the shrimp and grits which was amazing! There were additional traditional options for kids that were great choices, I would recommend this for families. We finished out the night by checking out the joint base in the area and made the sleepy drive home. Overall I feel it was very easy to social distance in Charleston check out my vlog and see if there are some places you’d like to see there! As always guys stay in touch and I hope your wine is stronger than your kids!

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