The Iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy

Speedy 30 bando in action

The iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy is easily one of the most recognizable luxury bags aside from the Hermes Birkin and the Chanel classic flap. Furthermore, this is also THE bag that a majority of luxury lovers will start their collection with. I know this wine-loving mama’s first luxury item was a classic Speedy 35 in monogram print. I’ve since remodeled my handbag during the first leg of quarantine shown in this video here. The Speedy comes in different sizes all named according to the length in centimeters along the base of the bag. For example, a Speedy 25 is twenty-five centimeters long and a Speedy 40 would be forty centimeters long with the other dimensions varying with the variant of handbag. I found it most interesting that between the Speedy 25 and the Speedy 30 there is only a five-centimeter difference in the length of the item, but they are very different in size when you look at them. We will discuss everything about the different Speedy bags you can purchase, pros/cons, features, history, pricing, and my thoughts on the handbags usability as a mother. When I first purchased my Speedy, the major selling point for me was the affordability making this a great way to test out if I even liked their bags. I also loved how it had so much room for all the mommy things I would carry after having my first child. After having the bag for years though my thoughts have shifted, but let’s get into the history of this handbag so you can make your determination. 

Picture of me sitting on a green sofa with my damier ebene speedy in the size 30.


When the Keepall duffle was introduced by the fashion house in 1924 there were requests by elite travelers worldwide to produce a smaller version for their everyday use. Enter the “Express” bag more popularly known as the Speedy 30 in classic monogram, cleverly named for its use in “speedy” travel. Fast forward to the late 1950s; starlet Audrey Hepburn expressed her desire for a smaller version of the Express bag therefore the Speedy 25 was then introduced. Combining her influence and style the Speedy was propelled into extreme popularity and solidified its iconic presence for generations to come. 



The Louis Vuitton Speedy is available in various prints such as Damier azure(cream&grey checker), Damier ebene(brown checkered), monogram(LV’s), epi leather, Empreinte leather(embossed LV), and special editions such as mon monogram(initials), or Stephen Sprouse Roses. They have a mini HL version for the person in your life that loves a super mini bag, or the nano speedy. The most common sizes that you will see are the 25,30,35, and Speedy 40. Another cool addition Louis Vuitton made with the Speedy line is introducing the Bandouliere/strap. So, you now have two versions of the Speedy either classic or Bandouliere. The main difference you will notice between the latter is the strap of leather going up the sides of the bag leading to the large D rings that the strap links to. Some people are unaware when purchasing but the hardware on the speedy does vary between the clips, zipper, and D rings. The hardware also is gold plated now instead of brass that you will find on vintage bags.

No luxury item is perfect but the price will continue to increase, here are my top pros and cons of the Louis Vuitton Speedy.

Great stater piece
Can find many preloved
Version with strap is versatile
Get the Keepall w/o the price
Great for travel
Good diaper bag
 Can fit snacks and essentials
Speedy 25b is very kid friendly 

Classic is handheld carry 
Starter piece therefore less exclusive
Might not age well
Not practical with small children in classic version
Canvas cracking along zipper
Repairs can be costly
Bag sag
Bottomless pit
Organizer can make boxy
Easily recognizable
Can become bulky
Staining of handles for hand carry with vachetta
Pros and Cons
Pricing list as of May 2022

  Nano is $1,350

The Speedy 35 is great as an overnight bag or diaper bag and in my option, the Speedy 40 gives the benefits of a Keepall 45 without the price of $2,440.

How to Purchase

If you’re still interested in the Louis Vuitton Speedy let’s look at some ways to purchase. Thanks to the internet there are multiple ways to purchase, you can of course buy direct from the boutique or shop preloved. I recommend using an authentication service because sometimes buying preloved can go wrong as discussed here. Some preloved sites I recommend are Fashionphile, Julia Rose Boston, Vestiaire Collective, Revente, Poshmark(authenticates over $500), or some the larger Facebook groups. I purchased my speedy 35 from the Reetzy Facebook group and had a good experience. As a result, I would always be mindful when purchasing because super fakes do exist.


If you have any questions or would like me to go into further detail let’s connect here on the blog or over on my Instagram. Also, feel free to check out my YouTu

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As always Winefam I hope your wine…or coffee is stronger than your kids. 



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